2020 Catalog Builds/Updates

2020 catalog

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Mad4Cabinetry has a team of experienced electronic catalog developers available to help you with yearly 2020 / ProKitchen catalog updates or create a new catalog from scratch. 

We also offer spec book services; as we update your 2020 or ProKitchen catalog, it’s critical to ensure the e-catalog and spec book are both correctly updated and functional. Line art, modifications, new door styles, moldings, accessories, whatever updates you are making to your catalog, we have an experienced team ready to assist. 

Working with us is easy and affordable!

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Lead Time

Our average lead time for yearly catalog updates is 4-6 weeks, with new catalogs or complete redo’s taking 2-4 months, depending on the complexity of the cabinetry line. Spec book changes and updates can run parallel with electronic catalog build and revisions, shortening the total lead time for the final catalog and spec book delivery.

2020 catalog

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