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Valeria Montejo

Design Coordinator

Hi there!

I’m a certified architect and interior designer. I see the beauty in architecture
and believe a well thought out interior helps bring people together. I learned early on, a properly designed space brings out ones’ happiness, allows for a natural flow of conversation, encourages productivity and movement in any environment.

I love to be involved in the design process from start to finish, but I’m mostly moved by getting into the deep levels of details that go into every space. I’m active and cooperative teamplayer, and always willing to share my opinion and knowledge with my colleagues.

I look forward to helping you create the space you’ve always dreamt of.

Our Interior Design Services

Interior and Architectural Design Orientation
Design Pack
Stylish Consultation - Interior Design
Styling Pack
Job Site Visits - Interior Design
Job Site Visits
Installation - Interior Design
Install Packs
Time Sensitive - Interior Design
Quick Design Pack
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Interior and architectural design pack

This freshly tailored design experience has a more extended timeframe, ideal for commercial or residential spaces. We work on the concept, look & feel, styling, technical architectural advisory (new walls, demo walls, etc.), furniture, decoration, and overall shopping.
* This option includes the styling consultation full-service pack.

Styling Consultation Pack

This option is for specific spaces that don’t require a construction intervention but need a little revamping to their design and aesthetics. Send over your measurements, pictures, and ideas about colors and style. You'll receive a design with specific finishes, renderings, a floor plan with elevations, and all dimensions needed for the project’s field measure.

Job Site Visits

You get a one on one meeting with your personal interior designer. This way you can do a house walk, going through every space you want to intervine. You can work together on finding the stylistic choices you prefer and connect personally your the designer.

Install Packs

Install packs with detailed information and nomenclature notes to help make your installation go smoothly and your installers happy.

Quick Design Pack

Sometimes we run into a situation where we need a design, and we need it for yesterday! DON'T panic; we can help!


Get rid of the hassle, and leave it to us. We’re familiar with most ordering systems and understand the entire process. If you need assistance in quoting your job, we’ll check and finalize the order, as well as take care of the follow-up process as a whole with the manufacturer.

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interior design

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