The Mad4Cabinetry design difference

Design Coordinator
Step 1: Finding your vision

We want to know everything you’re thinking!
In this first phase, we’ll get to the bottom of what it is you want. Schedule a video conference or a phone call and meet with a designer to go over each factor, including your budget needs and measurements.

Step 2: Design – Pick and choose

Pick out kitchen cabinets, countertops, floors, backsplash, and so much more. Colors, materials, sizes, shapes, and angles, so much to choose! You can handpick every detail or review the completed design providing feedback. Either way, we guarantee a freshly tailored design to meet your needs.

We design with 20/20 SPACES, which is the leading industry design software available. This ensures you top of the line graphics and the best quality, photo-realistic renderings of your project.

All design appointments are completed using a hassle-free screen share link. We will send you a meeting request via e-mail and integrate the link into your Dashboard (click here to register).

Step 3: Surface Appointments! (optional)

We’re a Do-it-all remodeling partner. Once all your bath/kitchen cabinets have been picked, we’ll set you up with our fantastic collaborator Daltile. They offer fresh and beautiful countertops, flooring, backsplash, and more.

Daltile is a dealer, and they’re not open to the public, but don’t worry because you’re with us, you’ll get their great products and fair prices.

You may purchase the cabinets and any other surface, as well as the final installation, all at once and directly from us. We want to make it simple and hassle-free.

Step 4: Wrap-up – Final Design Review

No matter the design’s size or scope, every project we undertake will undergo a final design review. You’ll be able to go over everything with us; we promise no last-minute surprises.

Time to check-out. You just have to enter your Customer Dashboard, a secure, personalized account that displays information such as:

– Design appointment details
– Installation service details
– Final design renderings
– Secure check-out with SSL protection Final invoice details.

*Note: Customer information is never sold to 3rd party marketing agencies.

Trusted installation

We’re all about service. Not only do we take care of designing and managing your project, but we also offer a perfect installation.

The process is simple:

We measure. An installer will be sent to your home to make sure the right information reaches our design team. The appointment will be posted on your Customer Dashboard with every piece of information you need: date, time, name of the installer, and vehicle details.

If you need tear-out services, we can also provide that for an additional fee. Just let us know.

After the design team has gone through all the nuts and bolts of the design process, we’ll schedule the installation to bring your vision to life.